We offer help in area of penal law:


  • Consultancy regarding all penal law issues,
  • Defending Clients in pre-court and court proceedings,
  • For victims of crimes we offer drafting notices of a possible crime, especially crimes against property and business (including failure to submit the bankruptcy motion, publicly providing false statements about company), included in intellectual property regulation (e.g. authorship’s appropriation, piracy), included in unfair competition regulation (e.g. violation of professional secrecy, plagiarism),
  • We represent victims during pre-court and court proceedings.

egarding fiscal penal proceeding we provide the following services:


  • Fiscal penal audits aiming to identify legal risks in Client’s business,
  • Trainings for entrepreneurs, members of Management Board, employees of accounting or HR departments regarding minimalization of fiscal penal liability risk,
  • Consultancy on preventing any fiscal penal proceedings, including drafting necessary documents (corrections of tax declarations, voluntary disclosure),
  • Defending Clients charged with tax penal offences,
  • Representing Clients acting as intervening party in fiscal penal proceedings,

This area of expertise is handled by attorney Stanisław Kubiak .